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Illustrated Mixology Cocktail Recipe Cards


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Introducing “Illustrated Mixology: A Visual Journey of Craft Cocktails”! We’ve gathered 18 of our cocktail illustrations and compiled them into this convenient recipe book. Not only is it a great source of quick cocktail ideas, but it’s also a work of art that will add a touch of fun to your bar counter. Cheers to drinks and aesthetics!

Hand-Drawn Cocktail Illustrations With All the Ingredients

Within these pages, you’ll discover our collection of hand-drawn illustrations and recipes that bring to life some of the most beloved and iconic drinks in the world of mixology. From the timeless elegance of a dirty martini to the rich complexity of an old fashioned, and the refreshing allure of a michelada or aperol spritz, each illustration captures the essence and allure of these popular libations. Get ready to sip and savor your way through this delightful journey!

  • 18 Illustrated Cocktail Recipe Flash Cards – We draw each of these cocktail illustrations by hand, inspired by the drinks we love and the beautiful presentations that make our mouths water. Alongside each illustration, you’ll find a list of the ingredients needed to create each delightful drink.

  • Convenient Hand-Held Size – These Illustrated Mixology Cards are made from printed durable gloss card stock and measure a compact 5. 5 x 4. 2 x 0. 5 inches. They’re the perfect size! And to keep them organized and in order, they even come with a handy metal ring at the top.

  • Great Gifts for Cocktail Lovers – Are you on the hunt for the ultimate bar book gift? Look no further. We’ve got you covered. An illustrated mixology book is the perfect gift for cocktail enthusiasts.

  • Try Some New Cocktails — Not only is it a fantastic conversation starter at cocktail parties, but it’s also a delightful item to flip through. Plus, it can serve as a nostalgic reminder of some of your favorite old cocktails you may not have had in a while.

  • Made In USA – We are a small-business that designs and prints all of our products in the USA.

  • Feel even better when you purchase from us! – A percentage of our profits are donated to various charities. So, you not only get great quality but also contribute to a good cause.

Also Available As 8×10 Inch Cocktail Wall Art

Each of the illustrations in “Illustrated Mixology: A Visual Journey of Craft Cocktails” is also available as a collection of vintage cocktail wall art prints. Head over to the Modern Day Art store to see the full collection.