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World Travel Bucket List – 8×10 Unframed


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We love travel It’s one of the main inspirations behind everything we create. Our Navy and White World Travel Bucket List is designed to mimic the timeless style of vintage travel labels, complete with abbreviated airport codes. This version measures 8×10 inches, but we also offer a larger 11×14 inch version. The World Travel Bucket List is a delightful way to keep track of all the countries you haven’t explored yet. There are 199 countries, so get packing!

Wendy W Avatar
Looks nice when framed. This is a wonderful "check off sheet" of the world countries. I like it as it is decorated nicely and looks great in a frame. For us who travel worldwide... it is inspiring for ideas for our "next trip". I like too, how it has the 7 continents listed on the bottom for additional "check off".
W. W
Lisa Avatar
Cute gift for any who travels or aspires to travel Nice add on gift to give to a young person who is going out into the world. Great gift to give to yourself as a bucket list to hopefully motivate making travel dreams come true!

“I Haven’t Been Everywhere But, It’s On My List” 

Check Off Each Country As You Visit! 

Do you or someone you know love exploring different parts of the world? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you – a bucket list that’s filled with travel inspiration! It’s a great way to keep track of all the incredible places you’ve visited and those
still on your travel bucket list. We’ve put together a list of 199 countries, plus all seven continents. This means that you can mark off each country as you visit them throughout your lifetime. It’s a great way to track your travel adventures and
see how many places you’ve explored! Your next adventure awaits — just plan your next trip by studying the list!

The Ultimate World Travel Bucket List. 

  • Beautiful and well-designed – The world travel bucket list serves as a fun reminder of all the amazing trips you’ve taken!
  • Includes 199 Independent Nations – We made a conscious choice to keep our list of countries separate from territories and protectorates like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Although there might be a couple of small island countries like Cabo Verde that didn’t make it onto the list, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast ticking off the 199 countries we did include. Oh, and for those who may not recognize Taiwan as an independent nation, we decided to include it as a likely destination so you can cross it off your travel bucket list.
  • Check Off All 7 Continents – The bucket list travel poster includes a section to check off all seven continents of our magnificent planet.
  • Designed and printed in the USA – We use heavy premium cardstock that’s leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.
  • Wanderlust Gift Idea – Looking for adventure-themed gifts for travelers? Look no further! The bucket list is an awesome gift idea. Treat yourself to one and grab another for your favorite traveler!
  • Feel great about your purchase – As a small family business, we take pride in making your purchase meaningful. A part of our profits goes toward supporting charities that empower women and children, both locally and globally.
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